A letter to an Awesome Friend (Massive apologies for the horrific rhymes, but not really. Just be aware that I’m aware how bad the rhymes are. Think of the sentiment, DAMN IT!) To you,  The one who’s always at the end  Of the phone, the message or the bed.  The one that helps me to…Continue Reading “Lazy Girl does “The Open Letter Challenge” – Day 3″

This is actually a letter I posted around this time last year, I’m super proud of it. A letter to 16 Year Old Me Dear me from the past, Hi I’m future you, I know that there’s so much stuff you’ve got to do. But I’ve been where you’re going, I know what’s about To…Continue Reading “Lazy Girl Does “The Open Letter Challenge Day 2””

A Letter to your Significant Other (or Future Significant Other) Dear Future Significant Other, I don’t know you, so I’ll speak like her mother. Be careful with my girl, don’t let her break. She may appear tough but you’ve seen how she shakes. Be her foundation, her third eye, her tent poles, Be that person…Continue Reading “Lazy Girl does “The Open Letter Challenge” – Day 1″

My Friend Keep me near, my friend, You are the rise to my fall. Arm in arm, my pal, It is there we will share it all. Keep me close, my dear, Don’t let me stray from your side. Hold my hand, my darling, Only in you can I confide. Keep my smile, my flame,…Continue Reading “My Friend”

You arrived at my door at some twenty o’clock. I’d barely prepared before I heard your knock. There you stood with your limbs and your head, Towering mountains above me. I swallowed my dread. “Come in.” I said proudly, in your native tongue As I showed you the ‘welcome’ sign I had hung To show…Continue Reading “Tea on Achosie”

The window lets the sun beam down into the lump in my throat. It won’t go away. It beats down my neck trying to wriggle its way into my heart. Like your tongue in my dry mouth. All I want is to rip it out with my finger nails, I don’t care about scars. If…Continue Reading “Out the Window II”

Hello, old friend.  Freckled with stars and planets. It’s so wonderful to see you again. (Do you smell like a memory?  Yes. Do you feel like a memory? Yes.) Something soothing like spiced apple cider in the cold.  Something sentimental like a school time snow day.  You remind me of comfort, old friend. You remind…Continue Reading “Old Friends”