Living naturally isn’t a snap decision for me. It’s something I’ve been researching and slowly doing for quite a long time. I’ve just decided to start blogging about it properly. So here’s what I’ve ‘done’ so far to move towards a more natural and conscious style. Recycling Awareness. This is something I didn’t realise was a…Continue Reading “What I’ve done so far”

This is what I was working with. Let’s do some stuff. Let me explain. I have the best of intentions when it comes to recycling. I like to do it myself. Where I live you just get one box for everything and they’re inconsistent with collection times so it can end up sitting out in…Continue Reading “Getting to Grips with Recycling – Living Naturally”

Hi guys! Happy New Year! One of my biggest niggles from last year is the amount of stuff I’ve accumulated. I’ve moved house a lot in the past few years so I consider myself an expert on the matter of “stuff“. But packing up everything is getting more and more stressful each time I do…Continue Reading “Living Naturally and Losing Stuff”