My Big Screenwriting Challenge!

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Like I said yesterday, I’m doing a thing. The thing is this. Here’s the thing. I might be a bit anxious about it.

3 screenplays, 12 weeks. Many tears. Many biscuits. Many pieces of paper. Many lost sanities.

Today I’m pitching my plan and my story to my course peeps and after that I’ll pitch it to you guys. The outline is this: One original feature length screenplay, Two original tenish minute length screenplays.

Deadline is 14th August. Starting line was Monday (technically but I’ve been tootling away on them since Japan.)

This post is just a flag wave to the whole challenge.

So, ready, set, write…

I guess. Or not.


Oh and just because I’m panicking here’s a picture of my comfort lunch. Boiled egg and soldiers. Thanks for reading!

Photo on 25-05-2017 at 14.23 #2

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