Today I was a blanket

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Today I was a blanket.
It didn’t rain either so that was good.
I got to complain about things, which I enjoy,
And I got to rave about things, which I also enjoy.

I’m annoyed that the cast of Frozen have appeared in Once Upon A Time because I don’t care about them or the references they are throwing in. The show was making new twists on old tales and not just copy and pasting characters from their Disney cartoon lives.

I’m loving the Hogwarts Christmas Dinner at Warner Bros. Studios even though I won’t get to go. £230 is too much even if they throw in my own wand and let me pretend to be at the Yule Ball for an evening. I hope ‘they’ never stop coming up with ways to make Harry Potter feel real.

That’s all.

p.s. super apologies for my epic fail of the 30 days challenge. I make grand promises and then fail horrendously at keeping them. Think of me and my 30 day challenges as a harsh dose of reality… I’m crying into my tea…

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