The Midnight Poem

Categories Poetry

Whenever your head and your heart hurts
It’s hard to know how to heal.
The way thoughts clash about your body
means you might forget what you know is real.

In times of stress you’d turn towards 
the things you’ve learnt are best. 
Like watching movies, playing games 
and making duvet nests. 
But now, you wonder what it means 
when these things all fail to work.
Why movies, games and duvets can’t 
conceal the pain that lurks.
Why can’t you say what’s on your mind
or feel the way you choose?
Whatever you decide to say 
seems to ensure that you’ll always lose.
You wish that you could pick the way 
that all things in life turn out. 
But then, you guess, that’s worse
As you’d just be plagued by doubt.

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