Let’s keep this nice and upbeat, with a poem from my past. I can’t promise more perkiness in the future… 
This poem came with an illustration but I’ve lost the book that I drew it in… when I find it I might put it up next to this poem… might. Enjoy.

Falling in love,
Unusual and timid,
Scared but sure it’s true.
From the waves
That penetrated my mind,
He protected me.
From the sin
Everywhere, he kept me safe
And able to live.
But this ‘he’
Was not a warm hand to hold.
He could not be true.
For his skin
Was made of metal; cold, hard,
Difficult to touch.
And his eyes
Were like glass, fogged and unmoved,
As I cried inside.
Empty words,
Some forgotten feelings, a
Hard reality.
He said none.
I fell in love and got broken
By a robot. 

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